Advocating for sexual reproductive health rights for adolescents�?? girls in Africa and Mena

Dr.Natasha Precious Kabonde
Zambia Royal Medical University- Diploma in General Medicine

Published Date: 2021-09-22
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Africa is experiencing the largest youth population ever in its history entering child bearing age of 14 or less, with adolescents constituting more than one quarter of the total population. Teenage pregnancy rate stands at 28% and about 42% of girls are married by age 16; while an estimated 30% of maternal deaths are a result of unsafe abortions, of which 80% are among adolescent girls. Due weak supportive legal policy and less accountability by most government at local or district level on sexual and reproductive health rights for adolescents’ girls and young women has caused above problems. During my research, I noted that 80% of the district development plans do not have the plan in place at district -grass root level .The paper will provide information and recommendation how to improve accountability and awareness of sexual and reproductive health rights for adolescents’ girls at district level.

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