Metabolic Pathology of Bartholin's Glands: A Review of the Literature

The Bartholin's glands, which are symmetrically placed at the posterior region of the vaginal entrance and play a significant function in the female reproductive system, are located symmetrically at the posterior region of the vaginal aperture. Mucus secretion and vaginal lubrication are handled by these two pea-sized glands. Mucus build-up in gland ducts causes cyst formation in the glands, which is common. It's crucial to keep an eye on these cysts since they can turn into carcinomas. Larger cysts and abscesses are often located in the lower vestibular area, and they are characterised by erythema and edoema. Biopsy is a good way to tell the difference between Bartholin's gland cysts and other diagnoses. Smaller cysts may be asymptomatic and go untreated, while larger cysts need medical treatment. There are several treatment possibilities, including marsupialiation and CO2 laser. The female reproductive system's Bartholin's glands are vital organs. 


Tim David

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