Commentary on Endometriosis Recurrence Management.

Medical treatment of endometriosis ranges from symptomatic control to therapies aimedat suppressing the ovarian production of estrogen.Almost all the treatment strategies are suppressive rather than curative so that the discontinuation of therapy leads to recurrence of symptoms. In 2009, a systematic review of literature estimated the recurrence rate of endometriosis to be 21.5% and 40%-50% within two and five years, respectively [1], which is much more prevalent than previously believed. Regrowth of residual lesions and de novo lesion formation are possible pathogenesis mechanisms leading to the recurrenceof endometrial lesions. Radical surgery means the elimination of all possible endometriosis implants detected in pelvic and abdominal cavity, that is sometimes insufficient to radically remove these lesions; therefore, lesions often reappear postoperatively.


Abo Taleb Saremi

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