Genesis of Super Humans and Immortals

Pruthvi RP*

Research in Recruitment, AI Systems Integration, PS/BQL & Humanoid Technology, Stanford University, USA

Corresponding Author:
Pruthvi RP
Doctor of Philosophy, AI Systems Integration
PS/BQL & Humanoid Technology, Stanford University, USA
Tel: +1 650-723-2300
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Received Date: June 15, 2017; Accepted Date: June 26, 2017; Published Date: June 29, 2017

Citation: Pruthvi R. Genesis of Super Humans and Immortals. Crit Care Obst Gyne. 2017, 3:10. doi:10.21767/2471-9803.1000150

Copyright: © 2017 Pruthvi RP. This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are credited.

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This is the paper itself is the master-piece of eradication and depiction of Infertility, precautions, reasons for Infertility in females. This is the paper of Immortality and Generating the Super Humans and Immortals. This depicts the purification of DNA and purified progeny that gives Immortals and Super Humans to their Parents.


TechnomiX; Super humans immortals; Immortality; Gynaecology; Perinatology


The sexual intercourse and role of spermatozoa in Female would create uniqueness in the life of young couple. My research was proven certain basic facts about role of sperm. There are certain taboo and misconceptions all around. The invitro repair of sperm could lead to female infertility solutions architecture of increasing the power of Mitochondrial (mtDNA) of sperm cell, since it is the power house of sperm cell.

Genesis of Super Humans and Immortals in Healthcare and Medicine (Gynaecology & Perinatology)

The Genetic engineering, reverse engineering, re- engineering will lead to certain innovative inventions in Gynaecology.

Reasons and solutions architecture for female infertility

Movement of sperm cell: The movement of the sperm cells is “SLOW” due to cell power in sperm cells itself the core reason is Mitochondrial (mtDNA) and Mitochondria itself. The in vivo repair and in vitro editing, splicing and manipulating the sequence of A-T-G-C of Mitochondrial (mtDNA). Manipulate the data; re-sequence the data A-T-G-C of Mitochondrial (mtDNA) or replace the Mitochondrial (mtDNA), Mitochondria then Sperm cells could move faster than ever. This main Karma (action or activity) and then Phala (results) will be child birth.

Genome editing: Genetic editing, splicing and manipulating of ovum eggs and re-architecting of ovary and ovum (eggs) could results in “Super Humans” to the mother. Here we are not adopting the sperm of other male or other ovum of other female, editing, manipulation, modifying the Mitochondrial (mtDNA),DNA of Egg or ovum, DNA of sperm of same parents but in vitro re-pair, re-built DNAs (sperm, ovum, Mitochondrial (mtDNA) and Mitochondria.

Bio- print the baby (fetus bio matter) : The bio-printing technomiX would create tremendous “Super Humans” with well edited DNAs, then baby would be created by her or himself after 3 years the earthly age, this Karma (Act or action or activity) give rise to (Phali) results in immortals to their parents by Artificial wombs (A.W), A.I., A.S.I., M.L. This Act would wipe off “surrogacy” and Female Infertility on earth.

General reasons and precautions

Acidity in vagina and pH value: The acidity in would kill entire warriors (Sperms) in vagina, maintaining the proper diet eating cereals and pulses. This is outdated action.

Uterus acidity: The acidic secretions in vagina due to diet would leads to Uterus acidity and Urethra acidity. Eggs, chicken and fast food should be avoided to control acidification of vaginal secretions.

Block or twist of follicular tubule: The block of ovum due to development of “tissue mass” and tissue cancer, this could be re-moved by soft laser technique penetrations. Common twisting of follicle tubule would stop egg movement or egg float in the follicle tubule.

Augmentation of pH: The increase in the pH value in Vaginal secretions will destruction and decline in sperm count. The acidification of Vagina would affect the sperm count and ovum infusion.

Polygamy: These are rare cases should avoid polygamous symptoms, multiple marriages will do affect the infertility.

Multiple abortions: The multiple women would leads to permanent stoppage of persistent travel of ovum or egg. Multiple Abortions would leads to consultation and leads pseudo-medication would mess up the case of infertility and results in inclination of infertility, permanent termination of Child birth.

Alcoholism in women: Avoiding Alcohol permanently most of the infertility issues are due to Alcohol which influence menstrual cycle and disorders in month-cycles, the irregularity month cycle is due to Alcoholism in women. Pre-periodic release of ovum, post late release of ovum will not impregnated.

Smoking in women: Usage of Nail paints and nails polish; there are products in the market that should not use as they are toxic to both vaginal secretions and sperm travel. The finger polishes would diminish the count of sperm in vagina, this happens in post-intercourse

Usage of toxic cosmetics: Usage of toxic cosmetics metal lead in cosmetics will results in infertility, lead is the toxic.

Sexual Inter-course after release of egg: The post release of ovum or Ovulation (post release of ovum) or menstrual release, the participation sexual inter-course may not results child birth.

Work life balance: Working in odd Jobs and night shifts, standing for long period does effect women periods and menstrual cycle.

The Engineered and edited DNAs of spermatozoa, Mitochondrial DNA ovum gives rise to pure and applied DNA from the parents or couple These infants pure DNA are Super Humans and the generation and generated Bio-matter Pruthvi’s Immortality life cycle would called as “Immortals” or “Gods”.

Here the in-vitro repair and re-editing the DNA, nucleotide and nucleoside, ATGC would purify the whole system of DNA and DNAseq.

The in-vitro built of double, triple, quadruple standard sequenced DNA or Genome would leads and results extrahuman capabilities said as “Gods” and “Immortals”.

Pruthvi’s Immortality Life Cycle/Chakra (Cycle of Immortality)

Explanation of pruthvi’s immortality life cycle

The are two births are involved in the cycle 1 birth from Natural womb,2 birth from natural womb, these births are legal, the 3D printed bio-matter will be created again and again infinity of scale.

Example: The couple had new born child as above two depicted processes in Pruthvi’s Immortality Life cycle, the born baby should terminated body and re-generate his next body sequence after his 30 years of his earthly age, should be continued this process. Every 30 years this process would be continued.

Phases of Pruthvi’s Immortal life cycle/Pruthvi’s Immortal scale of life;

Phase I: The edited purified DNA generation or progeny or 3D printed the body with the support and application of AI, ML and Bio-Mechatronics TechnomiX.

Phase II: Transfer of Bio-neural data of old body newly generated or 3D printed body that which reached 30 years maturity stage.

Phase III: Termination or destruction of old body which reached the maturity age of 30 years of earthly age this is called Cycle of “Immortality” or “Pruthvi’s Immortality Life Cycle”.

The DNA of the Bio-matter contains “Immortality by Nature” in other words DNA it-self Immortal and bio- matter is infinity.

This Process of cycle which is universally applicable and be manifested.

Mathematical expression;

The Infinites of A and B gives rise to C

A ∞ + B ∞ = C ∞


A ∞ =Father

B ∞ =Mother

C ∞ =Child

(A ∞ +B ∞)C ∞ =(A ∞ c ∞ +B ∞ c ∞)

Benefits of Immortality

• Optimization of World’s Population (OWP)

• Optimization of Child birth (OCB)

• Extinction of Births (EB)

• Extinction of Deaths (ED)


To conclude the paper it-self is the master-piece of eradication and depiction of Infertility, precautions, reasons for Infertility. This is the paper of “Immortality” and Generating the Super Humans and Immortals.


G: Gods: The Purified Progeny by Genetically Edited, Manipulated ,spliced Sperms, Egg, Mitochondria, Mitochondrial (mtDNA)

K: Karma; Action, Activity,

P: Phali; Result, End Result

T: TechnomiX or Technomics; the bunch and mixture of highly sophisticated technologies.

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